We source our floral materials locally whenever possible, and have the good fortune to have so much local and in-state product to work with.  My longstanding relationships with growers and wholesalers means we have access to the freshest, most interesting floral materials available throughout the seasons.

Over 25 years in the event industry, I've also established strong partnerships with other top-quality vendors.  Here is my list of recommended event professionals:


Laurel's Catering, www.laurelscatering.com


Misti Layne Photography, www.mistilayne.com

Richard Mayer Photography, www.mayerphoto.com

Jim Vetter Photography, www.vetterphotography.com

Lauren Cohn Frankel, www.cohnfrankelphotography.com

Vicens Forns, www.vicensforns.com


Maralyn Tabatsky, www.haveyourcake.org

Kay Dillon, www.beauxgateaux.com

Cake Couquette, www.cakecoquette.com


Robin Lewis, www.makeithappenweddings.com

Maxine Andrew, www.insteadofyou.com

Kaella Lynn Events, www.kaellalynnevents.com